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Core Java Syllabus

Introduction to JAVA

Set up Eclipse and JAVA

Programming Fundamentals

Variables and Operators

Control Statements

Strings and Arrays

Built-in Methods

User Defined Methods

Java Object Class

Java Inheritance and Abstraction

Java Polymorphism

Java Encapsulation

Exception Handling

Selenium WebDriver Syllabus

Introduction to Automation

Automation Test Life Cycle

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver Setup and Inspecting WebElement

Selenium Locators

Handling Browser Commands

Handling Browser Page Navigation

Handling Edit box

Handling Button

Handling CheckBox

Handling Radio Button

Handling Image

Validating the Text Messages

Handling Dropdown

Handling Iink

X Path

Handling WebTable

Handling Frames and Alert Popup Message

Handling Mouse Hover & Keyboard Events

Handling Multiple Browsers

Synchronization Commands

Introduction to Automation Framework

Selenium Framework

TestNG Syllabus

Introduction to TestNG

TestNG Annotations

Test Data Handling

Cross Browser and Parallel Execution

TestNG Reports

Apache Maven & Jenkins Syllabus

Apache Maven

Introduction to CI


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