Selenium WebDriver A to Z

1. Installation of JAVA (JDK 12)

2. Installation of Eclipse IDE

3. Selenium Webdriver setup and how to launch chrome browser

4. Launch Firefox and Internet Explorer Browsers

5. How to Inspect WebElements ?

6 . Webdriver methods and locators ( name and id locators)

7. LinkText and PartialLinkText Selenium Locators

8. XPath and CSS Selector Locators

9. TagName and ClassName Locators

10. Handling Browser API Commands (get ,getTitle and getCurrentURL)

11. Handling Browser API Commands (getPageSource,close,quit)

12. Browser Navigation API Commands

13. How to resolve Session Not Created Exception (Version Error)

14. Handling Text Box

15. Handling Button

16. Handling Checkbox

17. Handling Radio Button

18. How to Handle Image with example

19. How to Validate the Text Message with example

20. How to Handle the Drop down list with example

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