1. Introduction to UFT v 14

2. Object Identification Mechanism(Theory)

3. Object Identification Mechanism using Object Spy Tool

4. Ordinal Identifier

5. Adding Objects to Local Object Repostiory

6. Adding objects to Shared OR and Object adding techniques

7. Synchronization in UFT with practical implementation

8. GetROProperty vs GetTOProperties vs SetTOProperty with example

9. UFT Actions Theory

10. UFT Call to Create a New Action(End to End Scenario)

11. UFT Call to Copy and Existing Action(End to End Scenario)

12. UFT Reporter Object (Reporter Event)

13. Debugging in UFT with Practical Example (Step Into, Step Over and Step Out)

14. Debugging in UFT with Practical Ex(Run from/to Step and Debug from Step)

15. Debugging using Debug Pane(Quick Watch, Local Variables and Console Pane)

16. Visual relation identifiers with practical examples

17. Regular Expression with Practical Example

18. UFT - ALM Integration

19. UFT - Descriptive Programming Part 1(Description String)

20. UFT - Description Object (Descriptive Programming Part 2)

21. Smart Identification (Object Identification Mechanism)